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Greetings from Sharp Auto Parts LLC!  Thanks for visiting our website!

Sharp Auto Parts is an independent auto recycler located in Minnesota. We specialize in parts for vehicles up to 12 years old or newer. We stock our inventory with parts from collision damaged vehicles that have had their useful life cut short. We don’t buy worn out junkers for our parts inventory. We have a fully computerized inventory. You can search and shop on our website 24/7.

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee!

We offer a standard 90 warranty on all parts. We have a 100% satisfaction return policy for 90 days. If you are not satisfied or if there is a problem with the part, you may bring it back for an exchange or refund.

Extended Parts Only or Parts & Labor Warranties

We stand behind our parts! We offer extended warranties on parts only or for parts & labor. These are available for 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years. On labor warranties we let YOU pick the amount of coverage you need. YOU tell us the amount of labor coverage YOU want. We do not limit you. YOU determine labor coverage at YOUR shop rate!!! No limitations!

Remanufactured Engines and Transmissions

We are a distributor for a premier engine and transmission remanufacturer. Our remanufacturing partner has been supplying the OEMs for over 70 years and now we can offer you the same quality you could get at a dealership. These engines and transmissions come with a 3 year 100k mile parts and labor warranty included. Call or visit our website for more information.

New Aftermarket Parts

We also offer new aftermarket lights, lamps, mirrors and body parts including fenders, bumper covers, hoods, and grills.